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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
Number of Questions in GroundSchool vs. FAA?

This pertains primarily to our GroundSchool FAA Written Test Prep Software and Apps.

Do we have MORE or FEWER questions than you might have been led to believe is correct for a given test?   

MORE QUESTIONS: "I saw an FAA PDF document on the internet that had (for example) 512 questions for a given test, but your test bank shows more (for example 954). If I use GroundSchool, will I be studying too many questions?"

No, you'll be absolutely fine. The PDFs that the FAA publishes generally have an incomplete, sample only test bank that does not reflect the totality of the questions that you might be asked. If you study using only the FAA PDF (which by the way doesn't have correct answers and explanations, as our software does), you will most likely be studying far less than is required and will perhaps severely hurt your chances of doing well in the process. In a change from the practice of several years ago, the FAA no longer releases the full test banks directly via the website.

FEWER QUESTIONS: "I saw an FAA PDF document on the internet that had (for example) 413 questions, but your test bank shows fewer (for example, 341). What's going on?"

If we have fewer questions for a given test than the FAA has in a question PDF, then what you're likely looking at is a document containing an entire test bank which has not yet been filtered down into individual tests. For example, you might be looking at a document that has both airplane and helicopter questions mixed together while you're only looking at airplane questioins in our app. In GroundSchool, the questions are carefully sorted so that you only study the questions that apply to your exact test. So therefore, in this example, of the 413 questions in the bank, only a subset of those apply to your particular test. This doesn't mean that 341 questions (from this example) necessarily come from the 413 in the PDF – it could be, for example, that 200 come from the PDF and another 141 come to us from the question list that the FAA does not publicly release via its website.

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