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Incomplete / Corrupt Download

Sorry to hear you're having problems! Most likely, one of two things is happening:

  1. The file on our website is corrupt (highly, highly unlikely) or we were in the process of uploading a new version of the file just as you were attempting to download (highly unlikely).
  2. There was some glitch with your browser or your ISP during the download process This is almost certainly what's going on.

Note that #2 will probably be the case even if you keep trying to download and get the same results. Why? Because browsers (or ISPSs, without your knowledge) often cache data in mysterious ways, that, unfortunately, tend to persist even when you do things that you'd think would clear them up (like clearing the browser's cache).

Fortunately, the solution for these kind of problems is pretty straightforward.

  1. Clear your browser's cache. In MS Internet Explorer™ click on "Tools" and then "(Internet) Options" to bring up the Internet Options dialog box
  2. Click on "Temporary Internet Files "Delete Files" and "History "Clear History" as shown below:
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Restart the download

If this doesn't work, try again, adding a step between 3 and 4 as such:

3.5. Wait a few hours

This "wait a few hours" is to allow your ISP's cache to expire, if there is one.

If this still doesn't work, do one of the following:

  1. Try the download from a different machine. This often solves the problem.
  2. Get a "download helper" program. We suggest GetRight (www.getright.com). GetRight is good at taking care of problems such as incomplete downloads or modems hanging up with partial downloads.

Lost / Not Working / Never Received Unlock code.
Getting an 'Error 75'?
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Support via Telephone?

We provide customer and technical support via this online helpdesk. This allows you to receive prompt (sometimes instant), efficient help from either our automated response system and/or the exact person who can best assist you. As a plus, such a system ensures that a detailed written record of the conversation is available for you which can be extremely helpful when asking for and receiving technical help.

While the vast, vast majority of our visitors understand and appreciate this industry-standard system, to some of you such an online helpdesk may nevertheless be a new concept. If so, please click here to learn more about why we do things this way. Thank you for your understanding!.